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MGM Grand in Las Vegas

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 The MGM Grand in Las Vegas

People go to Las Vegas for a lot of reasons: to gamble, to eat, catch shows—even get married.  But for all its glitz and glamour, it’s hard to get that Las Vegas experience if you don’t stay in one of the big hotel-casino complexes.  A perfect example is the MGM grand.

Las Vegas Free Comps MGM Grand

One of the most prominent hotels and casinos in Vegas, the MGM grand has been hosting high rollers and casual tourists alike since its opening in 1993.  Originally owned by MGM studios, the ‘Grand was built with an Emerald City motif from the famous film The Wizard of Oz.  The hotel’s green glass is a hallmark, as is the figure of the iconic MGM Lion displayed at its entrance.

Of course, times change, and less than a decade after the MGM Grand opened its doors, a decorative overhaul removed much of the Oz feel to the place, and its décor was updated for a more modern generation.  For a place that’s been in business only twenty years, the MGM Grand has impressively earned a place in the upper echelon of Vegas hotels and casino complexes.  But its looks aren’t at all the best thing about the Grand.

Attractions and entertainment at the MGM Grand range from wild animal viewing (that’s right, you can watch lions) to gambling on one of the biggest floors in town to fine dining and taking in fantastic shows.  While there’s plenty to do in Las Vegas as a whole, many of Sin City’s best pastimes are represented within the grounds of the MGM Grand.  In fact, some of the most quintessential Vegas attractions, including Cirque du Soleil and David Copperfield, are at this desert oasis.

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