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The History of Las Vegas Part 2 of 2

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The Dam and the Casinos Save Vegas

President Herbert Hoover gave his consent in 1930 for the Boulder Dam to be built (it was later renamed after the president – the Hoover Dam).  When work began on the dam, workers came in droves.  Las Vegas’s population went from 5,000 to 25,000.  There were a lot of single males from out of town living in Vegas and they needed entertainment.  Casinos and Showgirl Theaters were born.

Hoover Dam
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But There Were Problems

The mafia moved in to Las Vegas with the construction of the dam.  It was ignored for a while.  In 1920 government officials visited the dam site and one of the foreman had been drinking.  It was prohibition and this was serious.  It was decided that Boulder City would be built for the dam workers and that it would be very tightly controlled by the government.

Gambling was already a very profitable, albeit illegal practice in Las Vegas by 1931. Vegas pushed and was granted the very first gambling license for The Northern Club and it was the first Casino of Las Vegas.  Fremont Street, the Las Vegas Club, and the Apache Hotel all got casino licenses soon after.  Fremont Street became paved and a traffic light was installed.  Las Vegas was on its way.

Of course the dam workers wanted in on the fun and the government tightened the reigns to prevent it.  The result?  Complex smuggling operations and criminal operations, of course.

The dam was finished in 1935 and it resulted in an electric company that powered Las Vegas.  Vegas was alight with energy.  The workers left, but the tourists flocked in.  Better hotels were needed.

Roads and The Radio

Things were looking up for Las Vegas.  And in 1940 Route 95 was extended and went all the way up in to Las Vegas.  The city now had two major roads entering the city.  1940 also brought Las Vegas’s first radio station.

What was next for Vegas?  The War and Organized Crime as the Vegas story continues.

New Year’s in Las Vegas Part 2 of 2

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Downtown Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve and Day

Las Vegas is probably one of the best places to be in during New Year’s celebrations as it goes beyond the glitz and glamour to give Vegas a vibrant life. It will be no different this year as the whole city is coming alive with the amazing visual works and sounds. The synchronised fireworks remain the main attraction on the strip which starts just seconds before mid-night with the countdown from one end of the strip and culminates on the other end about 30 minutes after mid-night.

Freemont Street Experience in downtown Las Vegas becomes a wonderful place to be for enjoyment while saving one from the bitter cold. This year America’s Party Las Vegas New Year 2014 will guarantee non-stop thumping music for almost 9 hours from 6 in the evening till 3 in the morning. A lot of special artists like Vince Neil, Papa Roach, Adelitas Way, etc are lined up to perform on different stages along with some wonderful local artists like Arena, Clockwork, Monroy, etc. There is a fixed charge of $40 per person which can be bought online, event gates or any member hotel/casino of Freemont Street Experience. It is an adult only event with the age bar set at 21 years. Do make sure to reach early as capacity is limited and on first come first serve basis. The entry gates will open at 6 in the evening once the show starts.



The official midnight countdown to the New Year will be led by Mayor Carolyn Goodman alongside a custom Year-In-Review show on Viva Vision. There will be a synchronised virtual and actual firework display by Grucci to welcome 2014 in style.

All people who want to party with dance and club music without spending a lot can head to the nearby Beauty Bar where it will be a Beer & Bling night with 5 cents beer, DJs, live bands, a photo booth, etc. The entry has been priced at $10 and the doors will open at 9 in the evening.

Another place to party as well as play this New Year’s Eve would be in Insert Coin(s) where the music and partying will keep playing till late in the night and at a charge of $15, it is pretty cheap for a wonderful time. DJs like Crykit, Oscar Wylde, Vegas Banger and others will dole out some of the best club music around with champagne toast to welcome 2014.

New Year’s in Las Vegas Part 1

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Nothing screams celebration and the excitement of ringing in the New Year quite like Las Vegas. This December, New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas is sure to live up to its reputation. From fireworks to music, here’s what’s happening for America’s Party: Las Vegas New Year Eve 2013.

The Sign Says It All II


This year, some of the top artists in music will be performing; spend New Year’s Eve with singer Bruno Mars at The Chelsea, the show starts at 8:00 pm. Or catch pop icon, Britney Spears at Planet Hollywood, with tickets starting at just $59. You can even rock out with hit band Maroon 5 at the Mandalay Bay or sing along with Las Vegas staple, Celine Dion performing at Caesars Palace at 7:30 pm on Dec 30th and 31st.

The largest attraction and aside from the gambling and drinks, the main reason Las Vegas is the place to be for NYE is the fireworks. Fireworks will shoot off from 7 hotel rooftop locations, the MGM Grand, Aria, Planet Hollywood, Caesars Palace, Treasure Island (TI), The Venetian and the Stratosphere. Stand along the strip for free and watch the sky light up as the New Year arrives. Get out there early, especially if you plan to drive, as the strip is closed to automotive traffic at 6pm.

Christmas Time Fun at The Bellagio

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Christmas time is probably one of the best times to visit the city of Las Vegas, Nevada which over the years has gained the nickname “sin city”. The famous Vegas strip has many hotels and casinos dotted on it, however some names just stands out when spoken aloud like The Bellagio, MGM Grand, Caesars Palace, etc. These hotels and resorts are no doubt expensive but they also provide you the best of service that money can buy on the planet.

The Bellagio in Las Vegas

The Bellagio in Las Vegas

The Bellagio is the best and most popular among tourist visiting the strip during the Christmas holidays as the staff and management makes it a wonderful experience. This year they have unveiled their display on 06th Dec at the Conservatory filled with magic of the holiday season. They have created the Winter Wonderland encircled by almost 45,000 fresh poinsettias; through which guests can wander and reminiscence their childhood although much more elaborately of course. The centrepiece of this year’s display is the largest indoor holiday tree in Las Vegas at 45 feet weighing 8000 pounds; it has been hand-picked from Mt. Sasha, California. Enjoy that romantic moment with your special one under the mistletoe within the life sized snow globe surrounded by water arches and drumming soldiers. The extravagant decor is wonderfully complemented by the live marimba and vibraphone performers every night which fills the air with the amazing sounds of the holiday.


This year Bellagio has partnered with Coca-Cola and WWF (World Wildlife Fund) to build awareness among people to save the mighty polar bears and their habitat in the Arctic region. In accordance with this partnership a family of topiary polar bears have been adorned with 18,000 snow white carnations. The mother bear watches over the two cubs as they roam around merrily through the poinsettias and float on icy pond. Though generous donations more than $3million has been gathered for the Arctic research.

The famous Fountains of Bellagio will be on display at an interval of every 15 minutes throughout the holidays. Enjoy the impeccably orchestrated show of water, music and light to mesmerize the crowd who cannot stop admiring it. Each performance is unique and never fails to amaze the crowd that that gather in hundreds to watch them.

If you are planning to be in Vegas during the holidays make sure you have the fountain view room booked at the Bellagio. It will be the trip of a lifetime.

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MGM GRAND in Las Vegas

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MGM GRAND in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has long been known for its lights, glitz, glamour,  and gambling. As one of the most visited and entertaining cities in the world, Las Vegas plays host to thousands of visitors daily. Among the numerous attractions the Las Vegas strip offers are their spectacular hotels; and the MGM Grand is as spectacular and amenity-filled as they come. As the third largest hotel in the world, the MGM Grand hotel casino is an experience more than it is just a place to sleep.  Hosting over six acres of swimming areas, 19 restaurants, and the largest casino in the state, visitors can relax in style in modern and lush rooms and venture through the hotel and take advantage of numerous attractions.

MGM GRAND in Las Vegas

MGM GRAND in Las Vegas

During your stay at the MGM Grand, guests are invited to indulge and use the in-house salon, spa, or health club. With a day full of offerings, visitors can shop, attend a wedding at the chapel, a business event or meeting in the conference center, or party hard at one of the nightclubs. MGM Grand also plays host to hundreds of concerts and sporting events weekly and tickets to events can be purchased prior to arrival. Since 1993 the MGM Grand has been a highly sought after hotel and destination hotspot for visitors to Las Vegas, and for good reason.

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MGM Grand in Las Vegas

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 The MGM Grand in Las Vegas

People go to Las Vegas for a lot of reasons: to gamble, to eat, catch shows—even get married.  But for all its glitz and glamour, it’s hard to get that Las Vegas experience if you don’t stay in one of the big hotel-casino complexes.  A perfect example is the MGM grand.

Las Vegas Free Comps MGM Grand

One of the most prominent hotels and casinos in Vegas, the MGM grand has been hosting high rollers and casual tourists alike since its opening in 1993.  Originally owned by MGM studios, the ‘Grand was built with an Emerald City motif from the famous film The Wizard of Oz.  The hotel’s green glass is a hallmark, as is the figure of the iconic MGM Lion displayed at its entrance.

Of course, times change, and less than a decade after the MGM Grand opened its doors, a decorative overhaul removed much of the Oz feel to the place, and its décor was updated for a more modern generation.  For a place that’s been in business only twenty years, the MGM Grand has impressively earned a place in the upper echelon of Vegas hotels and casino complexes.  But its looks aren’t at all the best thing about the Grand.

Attractions and entertainment at the MGM Grand range from wild animal viewing (that’s right, you can watch lions) to gambling on one of the biggest floors in town to fine dining and taking in fantastic shows.  While there’s plenty to do in Las Vegas as a whole, many of Sin City’s best pastimes are represented within the grounds of the MGM Grand.  In fact, some of the most quintessential Vegas attractions, including Cirque du Soleil and David Copperfield, are at this desert oasis.