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Dear Gambler,

IF you want to receive more comps, perks and freebies than you are currently getting… If you’re looking for more “insider tips” to take your game to the next level… this book was written just for you.

While working over 14+ years in the casinos, guests would always ask me how to get comps in the casino.  I would share with them the same secrets I am going to share with you so when you leave the casino you can make sure you get the free comps on room, food or entertainment that you DESERVE.

It wasn’t always this easy!

Today, you will receive comprehensive tips and strategies for some of the world most famous casinos!

  •  Discover the 1 KEY person that can GIVE you the comps you DESERVE! 
  •  Learn the  SECRET to max out your free rooms, shows and meals and be treated like a VIP
  •  The INSIDER tips to increase your odds at Blackjack, Craps or Roulette are REVEALED
  •   UNCOVER how as little as $5 can get you the VIP experience
  •   I REVEAL my Top 5 Casinos in Las Vegas and WHY you can’t miss them
  •   An EXCLUSIVE Hotel and Casino Resource Guide for Las Vegas so you can talk and act like a VIP

And, don’t worry if you are new to any of the games, hotels or restaurants because I will guide you how to play and receive the comps that the casinos WANT to give away.

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Here’s the problem…

On one hot summer Friday night while working at the Craps table, I watched a gentleman betting $20 a roll.  After about an hour, this guest had lost over $500.    He was going to pay for his hotel room and restaurant meal until I SHARED MY TIPS with man and he received  his room for FREE and his meal FREE .

Introducing: Las Vegas Free Comps!

These tips just SCRATCH THE SURFACE of what’s in the book. I give you everything you need to really get better at your Las Vegas adventure… FAST!

Don’t throw $100’s away and pay for rooms, meals and shows when you can get them for FREE.

And I boil it all down for you in very simple, easy to understand terms that can be read on the airplane ride to Las Vegas!

I Will Guarantee That You Will Get $20 In Comps or I will Refund Your Money Spent on The Book !!